Thursday, 11 June 2015

Steam Summer Sale Suggestions

As I'm sure most people are aware, the steam summer sales have arrived. I'm a little bit excited so I've decided to make a list of games that you should check out during it. But instead of the average list this one is going to be compiled of games that should be run-able even on a toaster, or, possibly a Mac. But don't quote me on that last part. This is mainly being made for the Panic Patrol (you know who you are) but anyone can feel free to listen to my suggestions. Quick note, these are my personal suggestions so you may see a bias towards certain games (for example i haven't even started planning this list and I already know most of the games will be difficult/perma-death games. Because I like them)

Hotline Miami/Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

Lets kick of this list by going towards my aforementioned Bias. I will be speaking about the original here but it should still apply to number 2 as well. Hotline Miami is a top down action game with stealth elements. Its also a one shot kill and one shot be killed. This means that you cant just run into the room with 10 guys armed with shotguns, unless of course you want to be riddled with bullets. The game is quite violent (OK I have to say extreme or the women will get mad) and features an amazing soundtrack for when you've just injected heroin into your artery. Next Game!

FTL: Faster Than Light

FTL is a top-down (again) RTS set in space. In this game you must try to get to the end of the map while the bad guys chase you. I'm pretty sure the lore explains why but I'm more of a spammer than a read-the-wall-of-texter. The game also features a perma-death mechanic (again) so when you lose a crew member they dead. The same applies to your ship. If you don't keep your shields up and repair you're ships at the shop you're soon going to look less like star trek and more like the remains of the death star.

The Escapists

The Escapists is a top-down (again)... Escaping genre? I honestly dont even know. I looked it up and apparently its a puzzle RPG so... yeah. Basically its amazing. You wake up in prison for performing a generic crime. That's all the help your given. You're on your own from that point on. What will you do? File away the vent in your ceiling? Dig a tunnel under your desk and straight past the wall? Or put molten chocolate in a cup, throw it at a guard, take his key (and clothes for good measure) then proceed to tie him up and hide him in the library? The choice is yours! Also you can re-spawn, so that's cool.

The Binding of  Isaac (Rebirth)

Rebirth (the one i prefer so will talk about) is a top down (again) rouge-like with perma-death mechanics (again). It's also one of my favorite games ever. There are 10's of bosses, hundreds of enemies and items and thousands of different combinations. I have over 100 hours played and haven't even seen half of the available items. There is also about 10 characters to choose from and a beautiful soundtrack. The only downside is it comes with no insurance for when you break your fist and/or wall or for sleep deprivation.

That was my suggestions with literally zero bias. If your too poor to buy a game in the sale, just download floating point, its alright

After posting this I realized i only put four games... oops

Prison Architect

After playing the escapists you may want to play this game and realize that the warden you probably just got fired was actually a decent guy just trying to do his job. Prison Architect is a private prison construction and management simulation game according to wikipedia so lets go with that. In this game you build a prison and watch everything fall apart in front of your eyes because criminals are not nice people. But as you get better you will be able to get more wonga and hold more nutty geezas, so by the end you'll be rolling in the dosh while at the same time will be hated by maximum security prisoners, what a recipe for murder

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